Revenue Forum is an afternoon event that began in 2008 in Stockholm. The goal is to create an inspiring meeting point for all that are interested in Revenue Management and Distribution. The event is a mixture between inspiration and mingle. There is no membership required to attend and contact details are never forwarded to any third part, not even the speakers. Hotel employees do not need a special invitation.

What are the dates for the next Revenue Forum?
The Revenue Forum will be held in five different cities both in Scandinavia and in the Benelux. After a year of absence we will be back in Belgium and looking forward to it!

16th November 2017 in Brussels, Martin’s Hotel
17th November 2017 in Amsterdam, Het Dak
28th November 2017 in Copenhagen, Richmond Hotel
29th November 2017 in Gothenburg, Hotel Waterfront
30th November 2017 in Stockholm, Generator Hostel

The next Revenue Forum, what is different from last time?
After the past Revenue Forum we asked you for feedback in order to improve the event. We have received many good tips and will be making the following changes

  • You will be able to choose the topic of the next event. Prior to the Revenue Forum you will get 3-4 topics to choose from. The topic(s) with votes will be the Topic of the Day.
  • It will become a Hotel Only event. So, participants will come from the hotel industry and will not participate for commercial reasons.
  • During the event we will use an app in order to make the discussions more interactive between speakers and participants. This also means that it will not be a powerpoint-exercise, but more of a regulated discussion.

We hope that these changes will be for the better and you will enjoy next time’s Revenue Forum

What topics will you be able to choose from?
As said, you are able to choose the topics. You will be able to vote for the topic you want us to take up on the following link.

The topics are:

  • How to best drive Direct Revenue: Distribution Costs are still increasing and one way to minimise cost is to try and increase the number of reservations coming through the own channels. How can hotels best go about? Are the Metasearch Sites really a solution or just an increased cost?
  • What is the best Distribution Strategy? That our Distribution Partners are working together is no secret, but which rates are distributed where and who gets access to them? Not understanding your Distribution Network can potentially cost you money. How to avoid this?
  • What technology can be found? There are many providers out there that can help you. All of them offer different tools, functionality and come at a different cost. How to choose the best system for you?

Vote for your favourite topic here:

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What is the agenda for the Revenue Forum?
14.30 Registration end pre-mingle
15.00 Welcome and Introduction of the topics and the speakers
15.15 Poll: determining the points that shall be discussed today
15.20 Discussion starts
16.00 Mingle Break
16.30 Questions and Answers, can the speakers reply to any of your questions?
17.30 After Work Mingle

What are the dates for the next Revenue Forum?
The Revenue Forum will be held in five different cities both in Scandinavia and in the Benelux. After a year of absence we will be back in Belgium and looking forward to it!

16th November 2017 in Brussels
17th November 2017 in Amsterdam
28th November 2017 in Copenhagen
29th November 2017 in Gothenburg
30th November 2017 in Stockholm

Who can attend the Revenue Forum?
As said; it will be a Hotel Only event. We want all our participants to be able to discuss the topics freely. If you do not work at a hotel and wonder if you can participate, send us an email at: info@revenueforum.se

Who should attend the Revenue Forum?
The Revenue Forum is organised for all interested in Revenue Management, Distribution Management and Digital Marketing within the Hotel Industry. This can be all from General Managers, Revenue Managers, Marketing Managers, E-Commerce Managers, Front Desk Agents, Sales Managers, etc. If you are a hotel representant you do not need a special invite. 

What does the Revenue Forum cost?
Participation is €65 or SK690 (ex VAT) per person for a Non-Refundable ticket. If you are not sure if you are able to attend, you can buy a Refundable Ticket for €75 or SK790 (ex VAT) per person

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Do you have any questions about Revenue Forum?
We love questions and people that ask them. Please send us an email at info@revenueforum.se and we will reply as soon as possible

Who organises Revenue Forum?
Revenue Forum was started by Annemarie Gubanski who now works as a Revenue Management & Distribution Expert for Taktikon AB. She started the Revenue Forum when she moved jobs from a large hotel chain to a minor one and found she needed both some new inspiration and a broader network. This is how the Revenue Forum started.